Ten Thousand Walks Part 45

Ten Thousand Walks

I held the bag in my hand by its neck, holding it up for them to see.  “Now before we go any further tell me whether or not the payment is In this bag.” I shook the bag and walk back towards the package. “Ha ha that’s just filled with rocks.” He replied pulling a bag from his pocket and holding it up for me to see. “You mean this payment why would we give it to you when we can just take what we want and keep it. You must not be very smart if you believe that.” I smiled, and switch the two bags pushing my speed as fast as it would go so I would be back standing next to the package before my phantom image faded.

“I would like to thank you for cooperating with me today. Also for proving your payment and placing it were it was to be kept as promised.” I said with a smile as I held the package up towards them. The leader looked at me in confusion and just as I was about to take off he realized something was wrong. He opened the bag in his hand and saw the rocks. “You switched them. what is this, some kind of magic trick. However good of a trick that was I still can’t let you leave with that money. Get him men kill him if he won’t give up!” He screamed then he turned the bag over dropping the rocks to the ground. “See I knew thanking you would be to nice I should have just took the money and left you the package.” I said shacking my head, watching them come straight for me.

By the time I finished finish talking they were arrows coming at me, I knew this wasn’t going to end well for me. What’s made it worst was moving so fast that I would be back before my phantom disappeared earlier,  wore me out. I could still fight them off but not with the phantom style, which would prove to be a problem for me sooner than later and when I say sooner I mean now. I dropped to the ground and rolled back and forth barely avoiding the arrows, then without warning one lucky arrow caught my shoulder. “Ahh come on I wasn’t even fighting you, that really hurts you know. I give up already just stop shouting at me already jezz, arrows really hurt.” I screamed out as I tried to get to my feet then pulling the arrow out, which hurt a lot more than I expected it to.

I stumbled to the leader of the group handing him back the bag with the money in it. Well I may not have much energy but I did have enough to give them a hard time until my carrier circled back around to get me. I fell forward onto the leader holding onto his cloths. “Please please show me mercy and spare my life good sir. Please find it in your heart to let a lowly delivery boy go without harming me. Please please sir I’m just trying to feed my wife and two baby girls please find mercy for their sake so they don’t grow up without a father.” I said crying and sobbing pulling at the leaders clothes.

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