Ten Thousand Walks Part 44

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 14: Protect The Package


My day was going pretty well at this point, I had already delivered six of my ten packages and I hadn’t had one incident at all, not even a broken or cracked package. I laid back in my carrier as it flew through the sky, I decided not to turn on the main engine as of yet I really needed a break and I was pretty far ahead of schedule so I had time to take one. Also from what I had learned of the way this machine functioned these lights meant the next delivery point should be very close by, so not using the main engine wouldn’t really take that much time off my day. It would just give me a chance to rest  which was just what I needed more than anything at this point. I had been going at it nonstop all day and it was only just past midday.

The seventh delivery point would be coming up soon, and though it was short lived, I did get a bit of rest. The red light flashed and I got ready for the fall, I had learned that unbuckling the belts before the carrier flipped allowed me to have a much smoother fall from it. Which In turn made it much easier to get myself in place to use the carrier as catapult.

The package fell and I was following it soon after. I landed on the ground and before I could even look up, I knew something was wrong. It was dead quiet and I didn’t see a city anywhere near by, I looked in the note pad to find out what the recipient looked like and it just made things worst. “What? Wait where’s the image what’s this.” The pad read no recipient mark needed payment will be attached to a large tree, collect the payment and leave the package. “Really have you guys head of the word setup, I mean really come on guys geezz!” I yelled out to the air.

I looked around the field where I had landed and saw a bag hanging from a tree near by, that must be the payment or maybe it’s bate. I looked around the area again to see if I saw anyone, then I took a step towards the tree, woosh!  an arrow flew right by my head. “I knew it.” It was a trap I turned and there was a whole group of angry looking figures standing at the tree line behind me. I sighed and held my hands out catching the package and setting it on the ground in front of me. “You know you should work on being stealthy, well actually if I were you I would work on not talking to myself so loudly.” Came the voice of what seem to be the leader echoing across the field to me. “Well I didn’t think that there was anyone here that could hear me, or maybe I wanted to draw you out and get this over with.” I said in reply as I started to walk to the bag and pulled it from the tree.

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