Ten Thousand Walks Part 43

Ten Thousand Walks

The carrier approach me at high-speed, I turned my back to it then as it came in contact with me I was ready. I moved off of it pushing down passing the package and within seconds landed on the ground looking straight up at the package to calculate how much time I would have left before it would hit the ground. I quickly pulled my notebook out found recipients name and image. This time I wouldn’t be going to a house but actually looking for the recipient in the middle of the city in the middle of a crowd.

This delivery was going to be quite a difficult one, I estimated about forty-five seconds before the package would be on the ground. I didn’t have to find the person that it was being delivered to in that time but I had to come close. I landed just about fifty feet out side of the main entrance to the city, I vanished off to find the largest meeting point in the city. This roughly took me about thirty seconds to do; it really helps that I can move at an incredibly undeliverable speed, not like I’m bragging or anything.

Once I found the biggest possible meeting place close to the center of the town, I headed back to where the package was to be landing. I arrived just in time as the package came within inches of hitting the ground, I grabbed it out of the air and off I was again vanishing with the package back to the city. I appeared on one of the taller buildings in the city, that was fairly close by to the meeting area. I scanned the area looking for anyone that looked like him but it was kind of hard to tell from the image that I had. “I can’t spend very much longer looking for this guy. I’ll guess I leave the package on top of this rooftop and trying get a closer look at the people in the town maybe I’ll be able to find him quicker that way.” I said to myself then I put the package down.

I vanished and reappear throughout the crowd of people, going completely unnoticed. After almost 5 minutes of looking which seemed like an incredibly long time, I found someone that look like the recipient. I approached him walking a bit slow as not the scary him, and get a better look at him before I said anything. “Hello, my name is Daniel.” I showed him the pad with the forgers mark on it to make sure he was the right person. “Hello Daniel, I’m so happy you guys are finally delivering my package today I have been waiting a long time for this.” He put his mark on the pad then handed me his payment. “Wait right here and I’ll be right back with the package, make sure you don’t move.” I said to him then vanished. I grab the package and headed back to him, repairing just in front of him with the package in my hand. I handed it to him bowed and disappeared into the air back to the forest that was close by so I could catch my ride before it was gone.

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