Ten Thousand Walks Part 42

Ten Thousand Walks

Well apparently, they weren’t waiting for me to switch on the switch; they were actually waiting for the okay from control for me to get going. But, I jumped the gun quite a bit. So much so actually that I had started my take off in the middle of someone else’s take off. The carrier instantly jerked as the engines came online, pinning me to the seat as it shot across the launch bay. Heading straight for the edge of the city, in the path of the other carrier that was taking off. When I realize what was going on I didn’t actually know what to do I just brace myself for the crash. Luckily I looked out the window at my mechanic who was making the oddest gesture pulling something down. I didn’t really know what he meant but I saw a lever in front of me and decided that it was the closest thing that I could pull on and decided to pull it towards me.

Turns out that’s what he was actually gesturing for me to do, as I pulled the lever as far back as I could the front of the carrier lifted up off the ground and headed straight up. It flew much faster than all the other carriers did, and I didn’t feel any shaking at all like I did when I was in the other one. I let the lever go, and autopilot took over leveling off the carrier and increases in speed by almost 10 times. Within minutes, I had completely lost track of where the city was, the carrier was going too fast and climbing even faster, to much for me to be able to keep track of where I was going. “Hey, it’s not cold in here, and I can actually breathe well enough to be able to talk.”

Just as I was starting to enjoy the ride, the red light began to flash. “Aww just when I was starting to like this ride, but oh well I have to work.” I looked over the side and saw the package fall, I quickly switched off the switch and push the blue button. What happened next completely shocked me.

The straps that were holding me in place in the seat detached themselves, then the carrier literally rolled over as the window above me open just in time for me to fall right out of the carrier. “AHHHH! I did not see this coming. What am I supposed to do now I can’t use the Phantom style in midair didn’t anyone tell him that.” I looked above me and the carrier was no longer about me, I looked back and there it was, it had looped around and it was heading straight for me. Seems as though he actually realized that I needed something to jump off of but I really didn’t want to be jumping off that thing. But I had to so I took my breath focus my mind and got ready to begin my job.

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