Ten Thousand Walks Part 41

Ten Thousand Walks

I understood in a way what he meant by reducing the drag to allow it to go faster, but I still didn’t get how I would stay in the air in this thing. “Okay, you know best anyway what’s your name.” I said to him watching the packages I was to deliver that day get loaded inside of it. “You don’t need to know my name all you need to know is that I’m the mechanic, your mechanic and the best mechanic there is.” He looked at me with a smack and pointed at the cockpit of the carrier. It was about time for me to get going I had a lot more deliveries today than I use to get.

I climbed into the cockpit, sat in the chair, and then pulled two straps that crossed into an X over my chest. I gave the thumbs-up that I was strapped in and ready to go. My mechanic walked up to the side of the carrier he smiled at me then he began to speak while pointing at things on the cockpit dashboard. “First of all, this does not function anything like what you’re used to. I will tell you everything you need to know so that you don’t die out there today, first off you need to know how to get this thing going. That’s what this green switch is for; you will switch it into the up position to activate the main engine. Once you switch it down the engine will be deactivated, but because I built this with two engines, switching off the main engine will only slow it down. Second thing you need to know is this button, this blue button once pushed retractors the ceiling of the cockpit so that you can get in and out. Now those are the only two things you actually need to touch in this cockpit. But you need to know one more thing the systems autopilot can only turn off the main engine, it doesn’t turn it on, I made it this way just in case something happens and you need extra time to get in or you needed extra time for something else. Just remember how many deliveries you have, and make sure you manage your time properly and things will be just fine.” He pushed the blue button and step back, as the cockpit above me started to close.

“Oh yeah one more thing, it rolls.” He said just as the cockpit roof closed and sealed itself. It rolls? What on earth could that possibly mean? Oh well I don’t have time to worry about that now.

I put everything else out of my mind except for all the deliveries I needed to do that day. I had twenty-five deliveries to make before the day ended. And seeing that I would only be flying around for about twelve hours, it meant that this was going to be a Fairley hectic day.

“Okay, let’s see he said switch this switch on to turn on the main engine. So I’m guessing there waiting for me to switch on the switch to turn on the engines.” I was starting to get back into the habit of talking to myself for some reason. I looked around and saw that they had all cleared back, which means they must be ready for me to actually turn the switch on. I sat back comfortably and flipped the switch.

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