Ten Thousand Walks Part 40

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 13: The Real Job Begins


It didn’t take me very long to find Adam; turns out, he was actually looking for me to. “There you are, I know you probably noticed by now that your carrier isn’t in the same places as it normally is. Well that’s for a very good reason, which is that you no longer have that one instead you will be using one built especially for you from now on.” He said to me as he pointed and started to walk. We arrived at the edge of the city where most of the vehicles were kept. “That over there will be your new carrier.” Adam said to me pointing towards what looked like a giant arrowhead. I didn’t think it was actually my carrier at first look; it didn’t even look like it could fly for that matter. “That thing is my carrier, can it even fly, I mean it doesn’t even look like it would stay in air for more than a few seconds before it started falling straight to the ground.” I said, as I looked it over with disbelief.

A short man walked up to me as I was talking. The look on his face was as if he was very offended by what I had just said. “How dare you talk about my baby like that! I went through the trouble of building this especially for you; I mean everything will fit you perfectly like a glove. But nooo the first thing you say is it’s going to fall out of the sky some people I just can’t stand them so ungrateful.” The man said as he nodded his head and walked towards the carrier.

“That’s your mechanic, he built the thing especially for you, and it is better than any other carrier that we have.” Adam said to me as he pushed me along to follow the mechanic. “Well, go an introduce yourself to him and try to make up for that blunder you just made.” Said Adam to me as he laughed and push me forward. I stumbled a little and then started to walk to the new carrier. “Hi my name is Daniel, sorry about what I said but I just don’t see how this thing can fly.” The mechanic simply looked up at me shaking his head from side to side. “Of course you don’t know; this is my baby it’s built differently from every other carrier. It is not meant to go slow in any way; I built this baby for speed and speed alone.”

I looked at him very confused I didn’t quite understand what he meant, after all the carrier I had before was very fast. “But how in the work will it fly when it doesn’t even have wings?” He looked up at me slightly smiling, and then started to laugh. “Look carefully it has wings they are just very small. When I was building this carrier, I realized that the other ones had a slight problem when it came to going faster. And that problem was dragged; their wingspan and their bulky body slowed them down considerably so I got rid of all of that and started over. This design is made especially to reduce air resistance drag and allow it to go as fast as possible. That’s also why your cockpit has a cover unlike all the other ones.”

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