Ten Thousand Walks Part 4

Ten Thousand Walks

What happened next caught Daniel completely off guard. “My son you are now 200 years old and by now I would assume that you have figured out that you age much slower than everyone around you and for some reason you survive a lot more than a normal human would.” Said Carlton to Daniel who was left speechless by what his father had just said. It was as if he took the words right out of his mind; after a few seconds of speechlessness, he spoke. “Yes I have noticed that it was the reason I started searching for you and it’s the reason I kept searching for so long I need to know why I am like this. I need to know what makes me so different from everyone else.” Daniel Said.

Carlton smiled at his son, and then he turned his face to the sun as it slowly and lazily lifted itself higher into the sky, almost as if it didn’t want to be climbing into the skies. “Well as I watched you at your birthday party I realized that you were starting to feel different from everyone else. I knew then that you needed to know the truth about what you are but I didn’t just want to out and tell you everything and you not believe me. So I headed off right in front of you making sure to stay just a step in front of you, also making sure you followed the path I set for you. Then I made sure to keep pushing you past your limits as much as I could without having you think I was the one setting you up.”

Carlton slowly walked to the center of the valley as if searching for something; his son followed closed behind him expecting something to answer his questions. Carlton stopped and bent down to one knee, and then he started to move his hands through the grass looking for something. Daniel looked at him wondering what he was looking for; he didn’t see anything in the valley the many times he passed it looking for his father.

Click. A sound came from under the grass. “There it is; let’s finish talking inside; I know you may not remember playing in my lab when you were just a little boy after all it was so long ago.” Carlton said as he stood to his feet. The ground under them began to move apart opening up to a stairway down into a dark room.

Carlton stepped down first. His feet touched the first step, and the room light up. Daniel followed after his father down into the lab, as he looked around he could remember playing around the tables and with the odd devices that were on the tables. His father looked back with a smile on his face. “Your remembering now aren’t you, I haven’t been to this one since the last time we were both in here. That’s why I broth you to this lab instead of any of the others, it’s the last place we were both truly ourselves together.” Said Carlton as he walked over to one of the desk in the lab.

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