Ten Thousand Walks Part 39

Ten Thousand Walks

As it pulled up high into the skies, I thought this was going to be a fun day. By the third delivery I was starting to get the hang of it. Turns out once the delivery was confirmed the carrier would head back to me to pick me up. I then found out that if I did the confirmation last, I would have enough time to prepare myself before the carrier returned for me.

I enjoyed my work for the next few days, making deliveries of all kinds over the world was amazing. And I actually got quite good at my job, delivering everything perfectly on time every day. Soon I was approached by Adam. “How are you doing today Daniel, I have a question for you from my superiors.” I looked at him quite surprised, I really didn’t know he had any superiors or who they could even be for that matter, after all the only person that ever told me what to do was Adam. “Sure go ahead, I don’t plan on leaving here soon. So I guess I can do something they would want hopefully it’s not too bad.” I said to him with a laugh. “Well so far you have been doing regular deliveries, which mean no weapons, no shields, and no advanced technology. The reason for this is simple; any of these deliveries would put you at very high risk of being attacked. So we had to make sure that you got the hang of things before you were given anything of that kind. But now that you’ve gotten the hang of things and it seems as though you’re the fastest delivery boy we have ever had, we want to give you some of these weapons delivered but it will be completely up to you whether or not you do it.”

I thought for a second about how dangerous it would be, but then I realized that soon I would have to be leaving this place to continue my journey. With that thought in my mind I figured being exposed to some danger for a while would allow me to practice protecting myself with my new skill. “Yes, I Will do it just tell me what it is I am going to be dropping off.” I replied to Adam with a smile. “Great, I’m very happy to hear that you are willing to do this. It would greatly help out the city to have another carrier to do the weapons. Yeah, I almost forgot to tell you, delivering weapons pay’s 10 times as much as you are being paid now.” Adam said with a smile as he walked away from me.

That night I got some rest as I prepared for what was to come the next day. I wanted to make sure I was fully rested and ready for anything that could come my way. I was very excited about the next day, hopefully I would get to meet some more interesting people than just older people. Though I didn’t have anything against older people, seeing that I was older than most of them that I met, I had still really gotten tired of making their deliveries.

The morning came a lot quicker than I expected, I had stayed up more of the night than I thought I would of because of how excited I was. I just couldn’t help thinking about all the things to be delivered today, and all the new people I would be meeting. I walked out of the room and to the area where the carriers were. As I walked up to where mine was kept, I noticed it was gone. I looked all around and didn’t see it anywhere and so I headed off to find Adam hopefully he would know what happened to it.

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