Ten Thousand Walks Part 38

Ten Thousand Walks

I climbed into the machine wondering how it would fly, I sat down in a seat and strapped myself In with a belt. I looked back as they all cleared away then the hole at the back of the machine ignited with fire like I had never seen before. I was pushed back into the seat becoming instantly glued to it. It took off flying faster than anything I had ever rode in before, then it flew higher and higher Into the skies. Before long I couldn’t see the city below me, and I began to get very cold as the clouds around me fell below the carrier. After which I started to have trouble breathing, I tried relaxing then waited as the carrier rushed through the air.

The carrier slowed and a red light began to flash in front of me, it was time I get to work. I looked over the side of the carrier and saw as the package fell from the carrier. I took a deep breath and off I went, with in a few seconds I was standing on the ground below looking up. I could see a small dot getting bigger as it came to me it must be the package. I estimated it would be about a minute before it would get to me; I looked around and found where I would be delivering the package then appeared outside the door knocking. The seconds felt like hours as I waited for an answer; I was so nervous to meet the first person I would be delivering a package to that the excitement was making me crazy.

I was shocked by who answered the door. It was a little old lady, I got the clip board they gave me to identify the receipts and flipped through it to the page with her name and there it was an image of her next to the name. I smiled and handed her the pad. “I need you to put your mark here and I will collect the payment that was agreed upon.” She placed her mark and head to get the payment and just in time to. I looked back and could see the package was about to slam into the ground. I vanished catching it just before it hit the ground then I actually walked back to the door getting there just as she got back with the payment. “Thank you dear, you have a nice day and don’t you work too hard now.” I smiled, and then turned around seeing the carrier just above the tree lines speeding up and starting to climb back into the skies.

Well at least it looks much easier to get into at that height, it was nice of… I realized it was speeding away from me and I had to get on it now. I waved at the old lady then vanished reappearing on a tree next to the carrier. Again, I vanished and was in my seat just as it went to full speed; I didn’t even have time to strap in before being glued to the seat.

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