Ten Thousand Walks Part 37

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 12: The Job Begins

My first delivery was the very next morning. The item I was to deliver was a shield, a large one but very lightweight for its size actually it was lightweight for any shield. And it was at this point that I noticed something very strange about the city; the city was moving in the opposite direction of the delivery. At first I thought it was just me, but as I looked at all the deliveries that were set for that day I realized that they were all in the opposite direction we were heading. This is actually quite ingenious, the way the foragers do business meant that the city was always heading away from where the deliveries were to be made.

The forge city would move forward at all times, slowing almost to a stop only for a few hours at a time above cities that would offer them jobs. Once the jobs are accepted, the city would move on as the items were being built. It would take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete the items that were requested. Because of this by the time the item was completed the city was no longer near by and the item would have to be delivered, back to the person who wanted it.

Seeing that it was my first day on the job, I was only given four deliveries to do by the end of the day. The four boxes I would be delivering that day were loaded into a flying machine that they called a carrier. which Looks very similar to a bird it had wings and everything, but it had a strange opening in the back of it where a birds tail usually is; heat was coming from it along with small amounts of fire. I didn’t pay it any mind, seeing that my mind was currently stuck on how I was going to drive this thing; Adam walked up as I was wondering what to do next. “Don’t worry you won’t be flying it, it will be running completely on autopilot. Most of these require someone to Pilate them but seeing that you have no clue how to use this we figured it was best to give you the one with the autopilot in it. Once you’re in it the system will take over and fly you to the destination, well just above it really. It will circle around for about a minute before it turns back and heads to the next destination point.” Adam explained to me.

It seemed easy enough; my job would be to make sure the package arrived at the delivery point unharmed. The carrier would fly over to delivery point then dropped the package and me; at that point, it would slow down make a circle then descend high enough for me to actually get back onto it. That’s where my job would start, I would have to get to the ground before the package and catch it. Then I would have to get it to the person that It was for, and then get them to accept it; after which I would have to get back to the carrier and get on it before it started its ascent to head to the next delivery point. This meant that I had a lot more to do that all the other delivery guys seeing that they could fly or land when they needed to.

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