Ten Thousand Walks Part 36

Ten Thousand Walks

“This is an air blade, named for the fact that when using it, it cuts through almost anything as if it were just moving through the air.” He handed me the blade and I took it carefully by the hilt, it felt different from any knife I had held before, heavy but very light at the same time. I spun it around in my hand, and it slipped. It cut the side of my hand like it was nothing falling to the ground landing and going straight into the ground all the way to the hilt. Well I was convinced; the knife was sharper than anything I had ever seen before. Adam picked it up and quickly put it back in its holder, then turned to me with a smile.

“Here we have a very unique saying, with any weapon of great power greater skill is required to use it, Or that weapon will turn on its user.” I could see why that saying was so popular here, the blade was so sharp that an unskilled swordsman could easily lose fingers, even an arm just trying to remove it from its holster. And someone who had never handled a sword before could easily lose their life just trying to draw the sword.

Though I was amazed by the city, and very happy to be in it and getting such and amazing tour of it; he couldn’t help but wonder what his perfect job here would be. “Now I know that you’re wondering what it is that we could possibly need from you that we can’t build ourselves. Well it’s not so much about what we want from you, but it’s more along the lines of what we want you to help us do. We want you to help us deliver our weapons and shields and anything else we have to our clients.” This of course confuse me greatly, I wondered why the city like this would need anyone to deliver anything after all it was flying and moving constantly.

I looked around as he walked and could see many things that resemble vehicles or at least I thought they were. “Yes, as you can see they are many vehicles here and they are very fast; but it’s still a very dangerous job. So having someone with your particular skill set would come in very very handy.” Looking around this place I could see why. After all the delivery boys for the foragers quite often delivered weapons, shields, and new technology that could turn the tides of war. So they were quite often the target of attacks from bandits or the opposite side. I assumed it would be getting attacked from everyone no matter where they went or what they were carrying.

I decided to agree and stay more than just the night. As I thought about the prospect of becoming a delivery boy; I figured it would be amazing. Though I would not be safe in the very least, but I could use this as a very good excuse to get even more training. And I’m sure it would let me see a lot more places in a lot less time than I thought. Though I never expected my first ever job to be so unsafe, I also didn’t expect it was going to be something this exciting.

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