Ten Thousand Walks Part 35

Ten Thousand Walks

Act V

Chapter 11: The Builders

The expression on his face changed quickly from skepticism to just pure excitement. “Wow, that’s some trick. Yes, you can definitely stay the night and for as long as you want in fact. Just answer me one question first, how far can you actually go with that little flash of yours.” He asked very excitedly. “Well to be perfectly honest with you I’m not actually sure, I mean I can go a couple miles at a time but it usually takes me about a minute before I have to stop to catch my breath. But the fact is I haven’t actually been able to use this for very long so it’s too early to tell what my limits are at this point.” He looked at me just continuing to smile and jotting things down on his little notepad. Then he got up, opened the door, and gestured for me to come inside.

“Come on follow me I will show you to where you will be spending the night, but if you decides to stay with us we will have some place more permanent for you to stay.” As I followed behind him he began to tell me about the city, and what they did here. We were walking down the hall as he talked which I thought was somewhat strange I looked around the inside. Then we walked out into the open and I was stunned, the city was massive, the buildings stretched into the skies. Reaching into the skies almost grabbing the skies and pulling them down, the sides of the buildings shining with glass that reflected the skies as they soared up into them.

I pulled my mind back to focusing on what Adam was saying, he was telling me about what the city was and what they did here. Turns out the reason the city was so large and the reason the building soared so high was because the city was a giant forgery. They quite literally made everything one can think of, from the strongest lightest and safest armor, to the most powerful weapons, they made it all. They didn’t just make weapons and shields though, they made carriages that were more beautiful than anything I had ever seen and lighter than I thought possible. Everything around was just amazing I could hardly comprehend how anyone could build these things.

As I looked at Adam, the amour he was wearing kept grabbing my attention. It was so sleek bending with his body as he moved perfectly leaving nothing exposed and unshielded. “So I’m guessing, that armor that you’re wearing right now is what your city is truly known for right?” I asked him as I walked, he turned and looked at me and smiled as he looked down at his armor. “Oh this old thing, there is no way my city would be known for something as simple as this. Yes, we do make amazing shields, and armor that is even more amazing but most of our income comes from the weapons we make. We make the only unbreakable swords that can cut through anything here. Not only can our swords cut through quite literally anything on this planet, but they do it with more ease than anything else. Most of the time they don’t even offer resistance when slicing through an object.” This of course sounded to amazing to be true there is no possible way any blade could be that sharp. He saw the disbelief in my eyes, reaching down to his side he pulled the blade out.

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