Ten Thousand Walks Part 34

Ten Thousand Walks

He approached me and began to speak with a deep boom of a voice. “Hello visitor, my name is Adam I am the gatekeeper to forge city, where we make any weapon any shield and anything else you can think of for the right pricing of course.” He said with a smile, then bowed to greet me. He then turn and gestured for me to follow him back to the small building that he came out of. He walked into the small building and opened the window in front of me, then pulled out a writing pad and some paper and started writing something on it. I was about to ask what he was writing down, but he looked up at me with a smile  and began to speak. “I’m going to need your name, and what you would like us to build for you. Then I’m going to need what you have to trade with us or what you’re willing to trade for our services.” He smiled and looked at me waiting for an answer ready to write everything I said down. “Well to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not here to have anything built. I was actually just looking for a place to spend the night out of the oncoming storm. Is there any way that would be possible?” I responded to him with a hopeful smile.

He looked at me completely confuse but still smiling. “Well yes, that is possible though it would be the first time anyone has asked to stay here. Let me see what you have to trade, and also any skills that you may have that are unique to you or you may think is useful in the village are also acceptable seeing that you will be staying here instead of getting anything built in return.”

I Didn’t have very much of anything with me except for a few things that I brought with me from the underground city, I had planned on working and earning some money to buy supplies. But looking at the city I didn’t think there was anything I could do to earn money here. Nevertheless I would try maybe my newfound skills could be of use here. I looked over at him as he waited eagerly for me to show him what I could do. “Well I’m not exactly sure if this skill would be useful here, but I will show it to you anyway. Now keep your eyes on me and don’t blink.” I took a deep breath, and as I exhaled I vanished.

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