Ten Thousand Walks Part 33

Ten Thousand Walks

This time when I stopped the smoke looked much closer, but still it was very strange I must’ve gone seven or eight miles and should have arrived before now. Then I took another look at the cloud of smoke, realizing that the cloud didn’t get slightly bigger it got huge. It was so big at this point that I was standing in its shadow and I had been for quite some time. I was still a ways off but I knew at this point I wasn’t very far off seeing that I could start to see where the smoke was coming from. I took my final deep breath of my break and headed off right for the smoke.

About a minute later and almost two miles later I was there, I stopped and looked around at everything around me and was completely shocked. There in front of me was a gigantic machine hovering just above the treetops. I had never seen anything like this in my entire life not even in my father’s lab. I looked around it and inspected it to see if I could find anything coming from it down to the forest floor but as far as I could see there was nothing. I’ve quickly ran up one of the trees then jumping off the tree as high as they could to get a better look from above and figure out just how big it was. I flew high into the sky and then looked down onto this huge platform. A part of me couldn’t believe how simply gigantic it was, it must have been over ten miles long in every direction, it seemed to just keep going and going. As I fell back towards the forest I realized that it wasn’t just a platform but it was an entire city.

I ran up the tree once again and this time I headed for the city I was going to find out what kind of people lived on there. I pull myself up onto the edge of the city, which was completely surrounded by walls. I looked around looking for a way and I soon found it in the form of the small house. And as I walked up to it, out came a strangely dressed man, he was about 7 feet tall and he looked as if he was wearing a fully armored suit. I could see that the suit was different from anything I had ever seen, it look like one solid piece of metal bent around his entire body to fit him like a glove. But he was walking and moving with such ease that it just didn’t seem possible, I couldn’t believe that it was metal it had to be something else, but I would soon find out.

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