Ten Thousand Walks Part 32

Ten Thousand Walks


Chapter 10: The Foragers

I awoke a few hours later on the very edge of a Lake, I was a bit dazed my head was pounding and I had no clue where I came out. I looked up  to the skies for the first time in so long, it was a purplish blue as the sun showed its last bit of light before setting. I smiled as the rays hit my face, then I looked around I could see the clouds darkening above my head. I would have to find a place to shelter myself from the oncoming storm that the clouds told me was heading my way.

After leaving the city threw a cave filled with crushing water I was done with being soaked in water for a while. I quickly found a little high ground, wasn’t very high just about 20 feet above where I was at the lake but it was high enough for me to spot a cloud of smoke in the distance. I figured it had to be a  village or at least someplace I can find shelter for the night.

The cloud of smoke that looked as if it was coming from about two miles downwind. Which I estimated should only take a couple of minutes to do at my newfound speed. So I took a deep breath and look straightforward then I was gone, I moved out of the Valley where the Lake was in an instant. Then I moved into a forest jumping from branch to branch moving like the wind across the branches not even leaving an after image off myself. After a few minutes I stopped to take a break, I must’ve gone more than ten miles by now. There is no way could be much further, I should at least be seeing the building by now, if not be able to smell the smoke I thought to myself. I looked up and appeared on the top of one of the taller trees around me, I need to see how much further I had to go.

There must be something strange going on here seeing that the smoke looked just as far away as when I first saw it. I turned around and looked around trying to spot the Lake that I came out in. which took me a little while but I did find it and just as I thought the Lake was a lot further back than Two miles I could hardly see it. I figured the fire was simply just a lot larger than I’d thought it was originally, so it must be further than I had assumed. I put it out of my mind and took a little break to relax for a little while before I would get back to moving towards the smoke. I estimated I had a half an hour before the sun would set fully leaving me in the darkness, and maybe ten minutes away from the smoke according to my new estimates. I set out again moving a little bit faster than I had before, and actually maintained it for a lot longer.

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