Ten Thousand Walks Part 31

Ten Thousand Walks

She smiled at me giving me a hug then walking out of the hut. “I’ll go inform my master so he can get ready this should be relatively fun for us.” She said as she walked out of the hut. I spent a few minutes collecting things that I wanted to keep, I had a journal that I had gotten when I came to this place. But most importantly I had written the code down and would be taking that with me so I could continue to study, my goal was to understand it perfectly and learn to use it better than anyone ever had. Then I had to find a way to keep those two things dry in open water, a simple enough task though it would take some time to actually find what I needed to do it.

After about an hour I was finally ready to get going. I stood at the edge of the village looking down into the crystal clear waters, smiling with anticipation and looking forward to finally seeing the outside world again. Soon the rays of the sun would be shining down on me hitting my skin slowly warming me as I continued along with my journey.

I leapt from the edge of the village, I hit the cool waters sinking down into it then surfacing a few seconds later. All around me were the strongest men in the village, they would be taking me to the bottom of the Lake and showing me where I was to be setting off from once down there. I was ready to begin, two of them carried with them a large board and the other two took a hold of me. I took a deep breath and nodded to them that I was ready. Instantly I was at the bottom of the Lake in front of a small entrance, it was the outlet from the Lake that led back to the surface. They secured themselves holding onto large rocks on the ground. They brought the board behind me lined it up with the entrance, it was now my turn to do the work.

I close my eyes, focused on the task at hand and brought my body up to speed. Open my eyes and launched off of the board, I moved off into the shadows of the cave at breakneck speeds. Within two seconds of launching into the cave I was already more than half a mile in, then I felt myself begin to slow. I had already made it far enough into the cave at that point that the force of the water started to carry me, beginning to push me faster and faster. I had to be careful as I rushed through the cave not to hit the walls or any rocks that were sticking out from it.

About three minutes past and the water was actually crushing me at this point, forcing me through the cave as the walls closed in around me. The huge 50 foot Mount that I came into was now a little over 6 feet wide and all the water was still trying to force its way through that small space, and me at the same time. The water fought with me for space as it pushed me towards the surface. The pressure from the water and holding my breath for so long was getting too much for me, I couldn’t take it anymore. I did my best to hold on as I saw the light from the surface, but I just couldn’t and I blocked out right before reaching the exit.

Seconds after I blacked out I reached the surface shooting out of the ground with the water in one of the world’s largest geysers. My body came falling back down into the Lake below and then drifted to the shores where I laid unconscious for next few hours.

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