Ten Thousand Walks Part 30

Ten Thousand Walks

Act IV

Chapter 9: The Escape

That night I slept with a feeling of accomplishment, I had achieved everything I needed to in order to finally escape this place. I awoke and I knew everything was going to be different, my body was different my whole mind was different. I was going to use this completely new perspective on everything to escape this place and finally get back to my journey of seeing the entire world. I headed over to the waterfall, I had already picked the fruit, but a part of me still wanted to do something. Not really to prove anything to anyone, but just something for me. I looked into the waterfall as the rushing water fell into the lake; it was different this time I could see the droplets moving so slowly. Almost as if time was moving in slow motion, they hit the surface of the water and exploded outward, and upward. Sending ripples through the water as smaller droplets flew upward.

I looked up at the tree, even though I had picked fruit from it already, I didn’t know what it tasted like after all I just gave it to my master. I smiled and put my hand to my mouth and bit into the fruit; it tasted different than I expected, like an apple and a banana at the same time a very strange but still good taste. I spent the rest of the day walking around the village taking it easy for once and enjoying the company of the people. I hoped that I would be leaving very soon, maybe before the day was over.

The time for my escape was finally at hand, I was filled with excitement and anticipation. Sophie walked into the cabin that I was staying in; I looked up at her as I was packing my things getting ready to leave. “I guess the day is finally here, it’s been really nice having you around these past few months and I kind of don’t want you to go.” She started to say to me, I smiled and looked up at her as I stopped packing up. “But I knew it had to end at some time. They are only two ways you can choose to use to get out of here. The first and most likely the easiest way for you to get to the surface would be to use the way you came in and go back up the waterfall. The second, and the way that your father always used would be to go through the outlet at the very bottom of the Lake. So you’re going to have to decide which way you want to take so that we can prepare you properly.” She finished what she was saying, as she helped me pack up.

I sat down and I thought about it for a while, after the training had been through I knew I would be able to go up the waterfall with no problem at all. However, at the same time I wanted to experience new things, and a very large part of me wanted to know what my father did and following in his footsteps. So with that in mind going back the way I came didn’t exactly go along with either of those things I wanted to do. I smiled at Sophie then I answered her. “I think I’ll be going through the outlet at the bottom of the Lake, so anything I need to do in order to be ready for it just tell me and I’ll do it.” I said standing up smiling from ear to ear; I was ready to see the sunrise once again.

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