Ten Thousand Walks part 3

Ten Thousand Walks

As his thoughts wondered, he began to think it was time for him to give up on his father and just think about himself. He would find the answers he wanted on his own or not at all, he didn’t care either way, he just wanted the endless search to be over with now. His eyes opened with the thought of going on with his life however he felt like.

He saw a figure above him and the face came into focus as his eyes adjusted; he saw his father’s face floating above him and he just started to laugh. “I must really be tired of searching if I’m starting to see things now.” He said as he continued to laugh. “Really what are you seeing?” Replayed his father, Daniel jumped up to find his father was actually real and standing right before him.

“No this isn’t fair, this can’t be real you can’t be real. After all this time it just can’t be happening like this.” Daniel said to his father, a bit annoyed, but his father just looked at him with a smile. “I thought you wanted to find me and have a chat with your dear old dad. So why are you upset now that I’m right here in front of you?” His father said as he helped him to his feet. “Really? I should be happy to see you when I’ve been searching for you for the last 150 years and you just happen to show up when I’m done searching for you.” Daniel said a little bit more annoyed than he was before.

Though he was upset, he was still very happy to see his father after so long, and he did have a lot of questions for him; but he wanted to catch up first. So they spent the rest of the afternoon and all of the night catching up. They shared all the new adventures they went on over the years they hadn’t seen each other. His father even told him how he stayed close by to him the whole time.

Turns out that he was always in the same city he was in. just dropping clues as to where he wanted his son to go next. Moreover, the times his son was seriously injured he would show up, dress, and clean the wounds without him knowing. Leaving him in the same place so he would think it was his own doing. The conviction made Daniel mad but at the same time it made him feel as though his search wasn’t a waste of time seeing that his father was with him watching over him the whole time.

They talked and talked catching up on all the things in their lives and what they were planning on doing over the next few years. Before they knew it, the sun was starting to peak its head over the horizon. Daniel’s father looked at him and gestured for him to follow him as they walked out of the valley they were in the night before. His father’s expression changed from a fun mood to a serious mood, he was about to tell him something very important.

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