Ten Thousand Walks Part 29

Ten Thousand Walks

My heart was hardly beating by the first week in, and my breath had all but stopped. The second week was the real trick though, something that only someone of my kind could do. As the minutes tick by it seemed as though they lasted hours, and the days turned into months. My breathing and heart stopped completely for hours on end, my body died and brought itself back to life over and over again, as my mind escaped to find the answers I needed to finally mastered the style.

As my eyes opened at the end of the second week I understood everything about the fighting style, I understood how to push my body past its limits. And I understood how to push it past the limits that nature had set for it. I stood to my feet, looked around me closed my eyes then  focused, I knew everything around me , I knew how far everything was from me, and I knew exactly where the fruit on that tree was. The expressions dropped from my face and I vanished in the blink of an eye then I was back standing in the same place with the fruit in my hand.

I walked over to my master at the training grounds and handed him the fruit, he looked at me with a smile even though he still looked annoyed with me. Then I smiled at him and looked at the targets in front of us. “Fire an arrow at 10 of them at the same time, doesn’t matter which ones it is. And I bet none of them will hit their target.” I said with a smirk on my face, he quickly called ten men over to help him and instructed them to take aim. They all took aim at different targets then  looked over at me and then they release their arrows.

The arrows ripped through the air heading straight for each of their targets, I didn’t flinch keeping my eyes on every single arrow. Then the instant the first one was about to hit I moved. I vanished; I appeared In front of some of the arrows next to some and behind some of them all at the same time. Stopping every one of them before they had a chance to impact the target, then I let go of the arrows and reappear next to master. His draw dropped no one had ever actually master the Army of 10 before. And he couldn’t believe that the first person he had ever seen using was me.

An outsider.

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