Ten Thousand Walks Part 28

Ten Thousand Walks

“The code of the Phantom for those that wish to have the power of the unseen.” That first line put a huge smile on my face, so interesting and mysterious it sent chills down my spin. Before it told me anything useful about using the Phantom style, it started to describe a fighting style known as the Phantom 10. It is more for defensive fighting than offensive but it allows the user to fight off 10 opponents at once, and do it with ease. It also referred to this fighting style as the one man army of 10. It also said that this was the most powerful and ultimate way of using the Phantom style.

Soon after it began to describe how to properly of using the Phantom style, in step-by-step instructions. Now that I had the instructions nothing was going to stop me from mastering the style. I began to study it day after day, and started to see exactly where I was going wrong before. And exactly how I would master the style. The first and most important step was to get your mind in the correct place, to see the actions I wanted to do and where I wanted to go before I attempted to make them. But not just see them but feeling  the actions and become them, then I have to get my body to states where it could move faster, much faster than anything normal. Just to get into this state required incredible concentration and knowing exactly what is going to be done and where I needed to go. But the more I read the more discouraged I grew. It seemed as though this task would be impossible for me to learn in a few months. It would take half a lifetime to learn everything  the code had to teach me about the style in order to perform it correctly.

But I’d had it with waiting and I decided that I was going do it in under a month. The years of meditation and preparation that was needed in order to master this style would just have to wait. I was going to do it whether or not anyone thought I could even if the instruction said I couldn’t. And in order to do that I would have to take on this final task in a whole new light than anything I’d ever done in my life. So I did.

I memorized every word of the code in the exact order it was in, then I took it to heart. Following  every word of it to the letter. it was working well at first. Though I was moving a lot faster than I had before, I was still not at the point where it I would becoming unseen. So it was time I took it to the next level, the style required me to be focus beyond anything I would normally do, or have ever done for that matter. So I was going to focus more than I ever had in my life. I put myself into a deep state of meditation, deeper than I had ever been in my entire life. My mind left my body as it drifted away, I separated every thought I separated everything in myself from everything I was focusing only on what I needed to achieve. My mind let go of the control of my body completely for two weeks straight.

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