Ten Thousand Walks Part 26

Ten Thousand Walks

He pointed up above me at a tree about 50 feet high with small orange fruits on it. He smiled and then vanished back to the village. I looked up at the tree and could see that everything around it was smooth, almost as if it was polished. There would be no way I could climb up and pick anything without falling back into the Lake below. That meant that the only way I would be able to pick any of the fruits, would be if I were to use the Phantom style to get to the fruits and pick one.

I walked into the cave and as my eyes adjusted to the low light I began to see what was there and it was amazing. Around me were glowing words, on the walls, floor, and celling, but as I took a closer look I could see that there were three distinct languages. One on the ceiling and one on the two sides of the cave; but on the floor was something I didn’t understand it look like a language and also look like numbers. I stood in awe and shock as a realization hit me.

I had been training for this moment my entire life, each of the languages on the walls were ones that had learned to speak as a child. I never expected to ever use them in my life seeing that no one i had ever met had even heard of them before. The odd thing was I had learned hundreds of languages in my childhood but there were only a few of them that I had never used with anyone else but my father; and each of the ones written on the walls were one of those.

I started to read the words on the wall, hoping that not only would it teach me how to use the Phantom style better but also hoping it would give me new insight into my father plans. But as I read it I just became more confused. At first I thought it was because I was reading it out of order. However no matter what order I read it in or where I started it all was total nonsense. It seemed as though it was all just words randomly jumbled together on the walls. Maybe there is a code in here somewhere I thought to myself as I looked around. After all who ever wrote this went to the trouble of writing it in three different languages, so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to put it in code to.

Day after day, I swam to the cave and studied the walls. I would spend the entire day studying the walls every single word and every carving of each word. Weeks went by and I memorized every letter every shape and every curve on those walls, and yet still nothing.

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