Ten Thousand Walks Part 25

Ten Thousand Walks

I meditated for a short time then found a clear path and walked around it a few times with my eyes open. I close my eyes and carefully walked around it afterwards. I stumbled a few times but after about the tenth time around I was able to do it without making any mistakes. Then I started running around it, at first I went slow then after I went as fast as I could. It was a short path so it was easy to run around it a few hundred times without getting very tired. I rested for a little while as I gathered all my strength together, then I tried it. It worked in a sense I moved slightly faster than I was able to running, but it was still not nearly fast enough. I was moving at a normal rate though I was running very quickly.

After a while I began to think I was doing something wrong, or maybe something was missing altogether. Oh well I thought to myself it wasn’t the worst part of the training anyway, I was at least able to take my time and rest as much as I needed. I continued like this day after day for two weeks, I did manage to speed up a little bit each day. But at this point I had reached my limit, I wasn’t speeding up anymore and no matter how hard I tried I went the same speed.

I needed to do something else, I needed to do something more. I needed more speed and I need a lot of it. Even if I was able to double my speed I wouldn’t be able to catch up to them. But at the moment I had no clue what I could do in order to speed myself up. I had hit a dead-end nothing I did at this point was helping me go any faster, I wasn’t even getting tired any more.

“Well well, it looks as though you’ve gotten as fast as you can at this point.” Said my master, I just looked at him and nodded it was obvious that I couldn’t go any faster. He just gestured for me to follow him. We got on a small boat and went across the lake to the very edge of where the light from the water fall reached. He showed me to a cave that looked as though it was carved into the very walls centuries ago. “Here on the walls of this cave are the writings that you will need to get to the level you want to be. It holds the secrets to the Phantom style, once you understand what’s written here you will have the knowledge you need to learn to use the Phantom style properly. After that you must get back to the village without a drop of water on you.” He pointed back to the village across the vast expanse of water.

“Oh yeah you’re going to have to bring back one of those fruits to.”

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