Ten Thousand Walks Part 23

Ten Thousand Walks

I understood why he was smiling at that point, it wasn’t because he was finally happy to train me, it was because the next part of training was almost impossible. He sat on the shore watching me and laughing as I struggled to even get to the bottom of the Lake. Hour after hour, I struggle trying harder and harder to get to the bottom. I spent the entire day and wasn’t even able to touch the rock at the bottom. I knew he was thoroughly enjoying this, I also knew he expected me to quit by the end of the day. But I was going to make sure and prove him wrong, then wipe that sinister smile off his face.

I continued at this day after day, it took a very long time but I was able to reach the bottom. And after a few weeks, I was actually able to pick up the rock and bring it back to the surface. He looked at me with that sinister smile still across his face. I knew the hard part of training had just begun. “Now it’s time for you to start building up your stamina.” He said as he pointed out a trail that ran around the entire city. “Now you run, run as fast as you can and as long as you can, don’t stop just keep running.” He said then smiled and walked away.

I ran as fast as I could for as long as I could, day after day I ran the same trail only stopping to eat and sleep. This is by far more exhausted and more physically demanding than anything else I had done in my entire life.

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