Ten Thousand Walks Part 22

Ten Thousand Walks

“I assume you know how to meditate so I won’t have to teach you how to. Sit facing the waterfall and meditate, you will do that until I think that you’re ready to move on.” He said with a slight hint of anger in his voice, I could tell at this point that he really didn’t want to be around me but I really didn’t care as long as he taught me what I needed to know. So I sat with my legs crossed and my hands on my knees. I stared at the waterfall for a few minutes and then close my eyes and cleared my mind completely of all thoughts. This was not exactly an easy task to do, but I managed to do it after a few hours.

Day after day, I did the same thing over and over again, meditating then sleeping. I didn’t understand the purpose of meditating so often but I did as I was told I just wanted to learn how to do what they could do, so I did whatever it took in order to learn. As the days passed it became easier and easier to meditate, soon I was able to meditate for the entire day without moving a single muscle. Yet still my master didn’t think it was good enough. And even though I thought it was good enough to move on to the next level I continue to push myself harder and harder, I push myself to the point where I stayed in that state for almost an entire week. At that point, my master had no choice but to allow me to move on after all I could meditate for much longer than even he could.

“Even though I’m not sure you’re ready to move on you master the meditating as much as you can. The next part of your training will be physical; first, we’ll be training your body to be as strong as possible. After that I’ll be training you on endurance and stamina so that you can use that strength for long periods of time.” This new training would be very difficult like nothing I’d ever done before. I figured I would be lifting weights of some kind to increase my strength, then maybe running to increase my stamina. Well I was right about the running part anyway.

The training started extremely odd, my so-called master handed me a black rock of some sorts, it was the size of my palm and just a little bit heavy, maybe 10 pounds. He looked at me and smiled for the first time, and I knew something was wrong. He pointed to the waterfall behind me and as I turned back to look at what he was pointing at the push me. It wasn’t just a simple push I went flying backwards, past the edge of the city and about 20 feet over the water. I splashed into the water and instantly was pulled down by the rock in my hand. The rock felt as though it weighed a 1000 pounds in the water, I couldn’t figure out how it was possible. It was too heavy for me I let it go and swam to the surface. As I surfaced I saw my master pointing back into the water. “What do you think you’re doing, where is the rock I gave you, you better go get it out of the water. Now hurry up and get it back for me.” He yelled out to me with a very sinister smile on his face.

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