Ten Thousand Walks Part 20

Ten Thousand Walks

It was a swing and a miss.

This time I was determined to hit her, I pulled my right hand back and swung as hard as I could, with my left hand following right behind it in the opposite direction. This way even if my right hand missed she would walk directly into my left. I quickly fell forward almost falling on my face, I was punching at the air. She was gone; she wasn’t even in front of me anymore.

Then came a tap on my shoulder. “There you go, that was much better than your first try. But sadly, you can’t hit me moving so slow it’s just impossible. Come follow me, I’ll show you our training ground and you can see firsthand how I dodged your best attempt at hitting me so easily.”

I followed her out of the building, then we walked through the city to the opposite end. Soon we stopped walking at a small field; it was the only thing in the city that I couldn’t see from the building we were in before. The field was about 50 feet long and about 20 feet wide, it looked more like an archery training ground than anything else. I didn’t understand how anyone could do any real training in this field but I really wanted to know how she pulled off dodging my attack so easily.

There were a few villages at the training ground, Sophie walked up to one of them and said something. Then she pointed at the targets, I looked over at them wondering why she was pointing to it. I soon realized why she was as she walked up and stood in front of one of them. Then the villager she was talking to stood behind a stand that was about 5 feet away from the target. He took a bow and arrow off of the stand that was in front of him, pulled the bow back as far as he could, and took aim directly at Sophie’s head. Then let go of the arrow.

The sight shocked and horrified me; there in front of me a villager was shooting an arrow directly at their leaders head. What actually happened shocked me even more; the arrow hit the target dead center. Sophie was no longer standing up against a target, but instead she was standing directly in front of the arrow. With a smile on her face waving at me to come over to her.

I was utterly amazed at what just happened, I didn’t even see her move it was so fast. One instance she was standing up against the target with an arrow pointed directly at her head. The next instant she was in front of the arrow untouched and unharmed. I didn’t even have time to think about what to do when I saw the villager let go of the arrow before it was over. I was still shocked so shocked in fact that I didn’t even move as of yet. But Sophie didn’t give me a chance to. “This is called the Phantom style, it seems as though I am teleporting but in reality I am actually moving faster than the eye can track. This is accomplished because I’m pushing every part of my body to an extreme state that allows us to move in an extremely accelerated manner. Though this can only be maintained for about a hundredth of a second it’s enough. But it can only be done twice every 10 minutes by most of us, but it is extremely useful though its usage is limited.” Sophie said standing right next to me; I had not even seen her move. I turned to her and could see she was tired, she took a deep breath.

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