Ten Thousand Walks Part 2

Ten Thousand Walks

The only person he had seen since he was in school was his father, after leaving to go see the world his father would find him from time to time to visit him. However, he hadn’t seen anyone else from his child hood for more than 35 years. Which made this was a very odd birthday for him to say the least; it made him think back over his life. He knew now that he was the one aging differently from everyone else, but why was it that his father was always the same just as he was. As he thought about this, he wondered in search of his father, he was going to ask him about what was going on. And one way or another he was going to find out what made him so different from everyone else, and what his father wasn’t telling him.

This time as he searched, for his father it was much different however; he couldn’t find him anywhere he looked, when before he would run into him all over the world without having to look at all. Nevertheless, he continued to look; year after year, he searched; he had to know what made him and his father different. What was special about them why they aged so slow next to the rest of the world?

However, it wasn’t an easy search; he faced mortal danger the likes of which he had never encountered in all his years of exploring. It was as if the universe was trying to stop him from finding his father at any cost, danger was at his every turn, and his search became more dangerous with each passing year. Bring him within inches of death time after time, but he would survive against all odds every time. For 150 years, he searched high and low for his father, losing track of time and at times even forgetting who he was looking for as he got caught up in exploring the wonders of the world.

The Day before his 200th birthday he was laying in the tall soft grass of the valley he was crossing; lost in thought about the next day, and how it would be a great birthday gift to see his father and ask him all the questions he wanted to ask him.

Though he had been looking for his father for such a long time, he knew he had not even covered half of the world yet. Searching the world on foot for a person was a very time consuming task, and no matter how fast he tried to move it was never fast enough. He would always have to stop for some reason, from rumors of his father being nearby, people who said they knew his location and helping those that were in danger. Making it seem as if his father was always one-step away from him just at the next city looking back at him hiding from his sight. Leaving a trail for him to endlessly follow around the world, like a kite on a string.

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