Ten Thousand Walks Part 18

Ten Thousand Walks


Chapter 6 Training Begins

The village leader returned the next morning; she brought with her a change of clothes for Daniel. “Good morning, are you up to getting out and walking around on your own today?” She said with a smile as she put the clothes down on the ground next to his bed. “Yes, I feel great I can’t wait to get up and walk around and see this village.” Said Daniel with a smirk on his face. She simply smiled at him and left him to change.

It didn’t take long before Daniel was up; he came out of the hut and looked around. After a few minutes of stretching, he decided that he would walk around the city and explore a little bit. Daniel walked around the village for quite some time before he met up with the village leader again. “Hello Sir. Daniel how are you feeling now?” She said as she walked up next to him. “I feel a little tired, but I’m recovering a lot better than I expected. So tell me what do I call you is it just chief or do you have a name that I can use?” Replied Daniel, she looked over at him as she walked alongside him. “Yes, you could call me chief if you like but my name is Sophie.” Sophie showed Daniel around the village for the rest of the morning.

The two came to a large building close to the edge of the city, headed inside and to the top. From there they could see everything in the entire city all at once. “I spend most of my time looking over my city, making the choices and decisions it takes to run this city to keep everyone happy. I brought you here because I know you have more questions for me, but I actually need to get back to work. I have spent enough time walking around with you today and not doing my work. But I do want to do as much as I can to help you, it’s the least I can do to thank your father for bringing us here.” Said Sophie as she sat down in a chair that faced the outside looking over everything. Then smiled as she began to do her work of managing the city.

As she worked, she began to speak. “So now I’m guessing that you’re wondering about how it is that your father came and went seeing that there is no possible way he could have climbed back up the waterfall.” Sophie said as she wrote on a piece of paper. “Actually yes, I was just thinking about that. Looking at that waterfall, I know there’s no possible way that anyone could ever climb it. So there has to be another way out of here right?” Daniel said hoping that she would say yes it’s over there and just point to an entrance in the wall with the word exit written all over it. But he wasn’t nearly that lucky.

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