Ten Thousand Walks Part 17

Ten Thousand Walks

Then there is the name of this place, God’s mouth. It was given that name when it was a ride before the wars began. But after the war the name was almost all but forgotten, though it changed meaning since then it still suited this place perfectly. It was no longer the ultimate ride, but instead it was the first place with clean water. So we decided to keep the name, and when some of us went to live on the surface the name gained a completely new meaning. The waterfall became an unchallengeable force of nature, one that no one could deify and live through. Well that was except for your father, he was the only person we had ever seen survive the fall until now.

Until we pulled you out of the water, we had actually thought it was him, but after seeing you survive, we knew you were related somehow. It seems as though we were right seeing that you’re his son. But it is somewhat odd that you had no clue that we existed, your father really must have never told anyone that we existed down here.

The chief finish telling the story of this place, then she got up and left Daniel to rest. What she told them answered a lot of questions about his father. Though it brought up a lot of questions that he wanted the answer to it also made him see why his father was so secretive. It also made him wonder what else his father was protecting, and what else his father was keeping from him. However for now it didn’t matter he had gotten more answers than he thought possible, so for now he was happy. He would rest and when he awoke, he would start to find his way out of this place.

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