Ten Thousand Walks Part 16

Ten Thousand Walks

Carlton worked endlessly to clean the waters, bring in special plants that he made to make the water clean enough to drink. Those plants gave us food and medicine also, after a few weeks the water at the bottom of the fall was clean. However, the water that fell into the lake was still toxic, but he found a way to protect us from that to. He took us to the bottom of the Lake and built this city on the lake far enough away from the water fall so that its toxins didn’t affect us. The plants were planted around the entire city to clean the waters for us to use. Then he gave us more plants to heal our bodies if toxins ever got into them.

They lived here with the toxic glow of the waterfall for many generations; over that time your father visited us bring in supplies, new technology, and even more people. Though the waterfall remained toxic, no one got sick from it. Your father brought new plants every time he visited to help heal the water and us. The last time he came, he brought the plant that surrounds this island. It causes the body to heal and reject any toxins with in it, though the side effect to this caused our eyes to grow. It was a small sacrifice that we happily paid to get rid of all our diseases, and extend our lives by almost 100 years.

My ancestors did not live in fear of the toxic air as most of the world did at that time. Because we were under ground and because of the waterfall almost completely blocking the only entrance, the toxic air from above never made it down here to us. We think that’s why your father chose this place over every place else, he could have chosen for us. Because of this, we flourished as a city, clean water, clean air, and peaceful existence with each other.

After a few generations of living beneath the surface, our records show that the water in the waterfall turned clear. No more toxins were coming into our Lake and then your father returned. He offered to take us back to the surface, to start over fresh in the New World that was above us. However, we chose to remain here, we like it here, it is very peaceful, and it was our home. Therefore, he decided to give us the choice to leave whenever we wanted. He took those with him that wanted to leave to see the new world, and left the rest of us with new supplies.

Since then he has returned every 100 to 200 years, bringing new comers with him, new supplies, and to make sure everything we wanted and needed was supplied. He would also take those that wanted to leave and see the world above with him.

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