Ten Thousand Walks Part 15

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 5 God’s Mouth

After walking around for a few minutes, Daniel headed back to the hut with the help of the villagers. His body was still very weak, and he wasn’t able to do very much at the moment. Once back in the hut he laid back down to rest. The chief smiled at him and turned to the villages that were still in the hut and told them to leave so that he could rest. Then as she was getting up to leave herself Daniel reached to her to stop her from going. “So tell me how is it that my father saved your people, and how long ago was this.” Asked Daniel, she turned to him and sat back down next to him. It was calm and silent for quite a while before she looked as if she was going to answer him. She smiled as she started to speak to tell him the story of how it all started, and how they ended up beneath the waterfall.

“Just relax and I will tell you exactly what happened.” Said the chief as she got comfortable, then she began to tell the story of how they ended up under the waterfall.

The story she told started many generations ago, when her people lived on the surface. Things were relatively peaceful back then, everyone got along just fine with everyone else. They had everything they needed, and there was no sickness or disease. Then it happened. The first war planet Earth had ever seen. The war lasted only a few years, but in that time it tour the world itself into pieces. Entire cities were wiped off the face of the planet with no survivors. The forests died, the waters turn toxic, the ground turn hard, and the skies turned red. By the time the war ended, the population of the world had been completely devastated. Those that were left over did everything they could to survive, though it was nearly impossible. They found a way to survive on almost nothing, struggling and fighting amongst themselves just to survive.

However, not all the survivors were fighting, some of them still tried to hold onto the peaceful life they had before the war. It was even harder for them. Then one day he just showed up out of nowhere, telling those that had decided to live in peace that he would help them. He treated the diseases they had, gave them food and water, then protected them until they regain their strength. Then he offered to take them somewhere away from everything else. My people were skeptical at first because there was a rumor that though he had saved us he was the one that started the war. Nevertheless, they still decided to go with him even if he was the one that started the war he was making up for it now.

He brought us to this place, the largest manufactured waterfall to ever be built. It was built for entertainment; it was something called a roller coaster. She didn’t quite understand what it was but she knew that it was made for people to enjoy themselves. They would ride it along the course of the waterfall, going down all the way then back up again. This entire cave, the river that feeds the waterfall, even the outlet at the bottom of the Lake. Was designed as a failsafe for the ride. But after the war started no one went on rides anymore, and the ride was disassembled for its metals. Leaving behind this waterfall and cave, which soon became toxic as the war ended. When our ancestor arrived here, the waters glowed bright in the night.

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