Ten Thousand Walks Part 14

Ten Thousand Walks

“I learned to speak it as a small child; it was the only thing my father spoke at home.” Replied Daniel, the chief looked at him with disbelief and surprised. Then after a pause for a few minutes, she began to speak again. “Well we haven’t had contact with the outside world in what seems like forever.” She paused for a few seconds then continued. “Your father wouldn’t happen to be Carlton would he?” Asked the chief with a very skeptical voice.

“Yes he is my father, and to answer your next question yes he is that old.” Reply Daniel, surprising even himself by the words he was speaking. The chief just laughed, Daniel looked around and could see most of the villages in the hut were actually smiling to. “We all know how old he is, he is the person responsible for our home here. If it wasn’t for him, we would all be living on the surface right now. But we never thought that the cursed one would have kids, actually we didn’t think he could have kids.” She said happily then looked him up and down for a while. “It’s a good thing that he was able to have children, from what I was told as a child he seemed like a very lonely person. So how old would you be Daniel.” She said very eager to find out the answer.

Daniel looked at her with confusion then tried to answer her while stumbling over his words. “I. 200 years old, how do you.” Daniel stopped for a second; he knew he sounded like a complete moron. He took a deep breath collected his thoughts and tried it again. “Sorry about that, I’m 200 years old it was my birthday the day before I fell down the waterfall. But what I really want to know is how you know about my father and our curse?” Daniel was extremely confused at this point even more than when he had just woken up. Everything that was happening was just raising more questions in his head.

“It’s simple really. He saved us all and brought our people here when the Great War ended and the world was left in pieces. Famine and disease were spreading across the world and rumors of new wars were all that anyone talked about. Then he came bringing us together from all over the world, and bringing us here where it was safe. He taught us to live off the land, using every resource efficiently and without wasting, and without causing damage to the environment and having more than we could use. He is even the reason for the green glow in our eyes, caused by the plant that he gave us to keep us healthy and to give us a longer life span.” She explained with a smile.

Until this moment, Daniel had no idea what his father had done after he was cursed. The people in this village were what his father had protected from his time. They had advanced technology that he had only seen in his father’s lab before now. Not only that but they seem much more peaceful than he had ever seen. As a few of the villages helped him up and took him outside of the hut he thought about his journey. Though it had just started, he had learned more about his father then he had himself, which also made him think he was never going get away from him. He had just basically fallen off the planet and yet he was still in his father’s shadow. Which wasn’t a very bad thing, but for going on an adventure of a lifetime it seemed like he was still following his father’s plans.

He looked around the village as the thoughts filled his mind, and then he took a deep breath. “You know what this is my adventure and I don’t care what my father did a long time ago. This is my time and I’m going to enjoy it.” Daniel said softly to himself, then smiled at the villagers that were helping him along. As he looked around where he was and out into the village he couldn’t help but wonder how on earth did his father manage to build a city all the way down here, and not only that but how did he get all these people here without killing them all on the way down.

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