Ten Thousand Walks Part 13

Ten Thousand Walks

Chapter 4 The Cave Dwellers

Daniel laid in the center of a small hut; interested villages packed themselves into the hut to the point where they could hardly even move. He was the first outsider any of the villagers had seen before, but that wasn’t the only reason they were all surrounding him. The reason for this intense interest was the fact that he had actually survive the fall even though he was badly injured in it he was still alive. Daniel looked around as much as he could, he saw one villager that looked different from all the rest. She must be the village leader he thought. He tried to say something to her but he couldn’t make any sound still. Then he noticed her telling a few of the villages something, they quickly left and brought back a small bowl filled with a green, yellow, and brown paste. They mixed it around until it became one color and then they added a little water to it then began trying to feed it to him.

The village leader move closer to him, she smiled then spoke loud enough for only him to hear. “Come on you have to eat, you need to get your strength back before you can do anything. Don’t worry I know it tastes like it will kill you but it won’t trust me, it will have you back on your feet in no time.” She said with a reassuring smile, Daniel was shocked and confused at the same time by the village leader, not by what she had said but by the fact that he could understand her perfectly. The strangest part of all this was the language she was speaking.

He had only heard this language spoken by one other person in his entire life; and that person was his father. As a child, he learned to speak this language even though his father said that it was a dead language. Oddly enough, he never learned to speak this language by choice, the reason he did speaking it was because his father spoke it more than he spoke any other language. So in order to understand his father he learned to pick up on it.

As Daniel forced himself to swallow the horrible tasting paste, he thought that he must have been hearing things when the village leader had spoken to him before. She couldn’t have been speaking the language he thought she was. However, as the silence in the room was broken by the villages speak among themselves; he realized that they were speaking the same language. This just brought even more questions to his mind, and made him even more confused about the villagers.

Within an hour, he was able to sit up and speak. “Hello, my name is Daniel thank you for taking care of me. Can I ask where I am and who you are and how did I get here.” The villagers were shocked and amazed, not only by the fact that he had healed enough to sit up and speak, but mainly by the fact that he spoke their language. “How is it possible that you can speak our language when you have never been here?” Asked the village leader in a surprised and confused tone.

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