Ten Thousand Walks Part 12

Ten Thousand Walks

However, it wasn’t that he didn’t panic but it was more of the fact that he didn’t move while panicking. After coming to his senses Daniel actually started to panic, he immediately tried to jump up and ripped the vines of his body. However, this was to no avail his body just laid there not responding to his commands all except for the pinky on his right hand. Which is very odd seeing that he was left-handed. It took almost 10 minutes of him trying to scream and completely failing at making even one sound, before the villager noticed that he was awake, because he saw his eyes blinking.

The villager quickly yet very carefully removed the vines from across Daniel’s body. Then slowly pulled him out of the water onto the shore next to the bed they used to carry him back and forth. Then he quickly ran off to go find the other villages. He returned about three minutes later with two more villages to help them carry Daniel back to the hut.

Daniel laid in the hut wondering where he was, who these people were, and what had actually happened to him. Oddly enough, it didn’t occur to him to think about how much time had actually passed since he was last awake. His mind had already adapted to the fact that he was an immortal, though it was a short amount of time since he had found out that he was. He had adapted so much that the passage of time no longer occur to him. However, this was just because he was out for so long and his mind had the time to absorb what his father had said as he slept.

Nevertheless, like any normal person who had been asleep for a very long time and waking up in a strange place surrounded by very strange people he was scared and confused. But he figured there wasn’t very much for him to be worrying about, after all they dressed his wounds and were taking very good care of him. He just hoped that they actually spoke a language he could understand, that way he would be able to thank them for their help. Also, hopefully keeping any misunderstandings from happening, or well keeping them to small ones anyway. Seeing that he wasn’t all that great with getting along with people.

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