Ten Thousand Walks Part 11

Ten Thousand Walks

Where the plants they used to make the medicine placed on his body was grown. They placed his body in the water on the very edge of the shore, and then pulled the plants all over his body then wrapping his body tightly with them. They left him wrapped up like this for an hour every morning. This not only clean his body of the medicine that was placed on it the day before, but it also covered his body in an oil that the plants only secreted while there were still growing. The oil would help him heal even faster and prevent his body from weaken while he was sleeping, and increase blood flow threw out his body preventing any side effects that go along with laying without moving for weeks.

After that, they would return his body to the hut in which he was staying, then changing his bandages and reapplied the medicine and herbs across his body. After that, they would leave him to continue to heal without moving him until the next morning; at that point, they would just do the same thing over again.

Daniel awoke a couple weeks late. Before his eyes could even open he was already confused. His body was wrapped tightly in vines and almost completely submerged in water. As you might assume this is not the best way to wake up. He felt angry and scared at the same time wondering what had happened to him, and wondering how he ended up in this position. His eyes opened slowly, the place he was laying was dimly lit, with just enough light for everything to be seen semi clearly.

As his eyes adjusted and the environment became clear he could tell that he wasn’t outside or at least not outside as he was used to. There was no sky; all he could see was a rocky surface above his head. It took a little while for him to completely wake up and for his mind to clear enough for him to realize where he was. He was in a cave.

However, it was very odd he thought, if he was in a cave it should be dark but he could see clearly though it wasn’t as bright as being outside. He looked around thinking that he was close to the entrance of the cave; after all, it was too bright for him to be very far inside of the cave. However, as far as his eyes could see there were no entrances, and no light coming in from anywhere. Then again, he could only see what was above him seeing that he couldn’t move his head, or the rest of his body.

The villager that was supposed to be in charge of looking over him at the moment, didn’t even notice he had regain consciousness because of how little he could move. The villager was expecting him to start panicking immediately if he was to gain consciousness. However, Daniel was laying perfectly still and perfectly calm.

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