Ten Thousand Walks Part 103

Ten Thousand Walks

My mind was lost I couldn’t tell how much time was passing all I could feel was Annabella’s love engulfing me completely. Then I heard her voice, it was faint at first and wasn’t speaking words, but I understood what she was saying. She was happy, so happy that she got to spend the last two years together. I had saved her from the life that was destroying who she was and I gave her a life that was filled with joy. I smiled and fell to my knees weeping with joy.

Will opened his eyes and spoke. “She loved you to the very end and didn’t blame you for anything, and I have something to tell you that she wanted you to know that you might not have been able to understand. She wanted to tell you that you gave her so many reasons to be happy and she wanted to do the same for you.” I looked up at him smiling. “What did you mean by I need a name that carried my power with it.” I asked.

“Pick a name that will carry your power with you and not just anger.” He replied. “But I have none that I can think of I just want to leave this place and be done with it all.” I said back to him. It was silent for a while, then he smiled as if he figured out something. He walked over to Annabella’s body and I turn to see what he was doing. He leaned over her and as he moved her coat to the side, I drew my blades and attacked him. Running then right through him. “Get away from her you don’t have the right to touch her!!” I yelled at him, he just grabbed onto something she had with her as I lifted him with my blades and threw him across the field.

He hit the ground and I appeared above him as he landed, my blades headed straight for his neck. He held up a piece of paper in his hand to defend himself. “Wait, she was going to give this to you after the fight.” I stopped right as my blades were going to go through the paper. I held one blade to his neck as I took the paper from him. It had one line on it.

“You gave me Ten Thousand reasons to love you when I only needed one.”

I put away my blades and reached down to help Will back up. “I think I know what name I’m going to use now.” I said to him as he dusted himself off. He just smiled “Well then my new friend shall we give her the Burial she deserves.” He said to me walking back to her body.

We stood at her grave looking at the tombstone I had made for her. “My first love, the one that taught me the meaning of the word love and showed me what was worth fighting for, I will miss you for the rest of time, and I will honor you by saving all those who need to be saved.” I said then turned to Will, then walked away from him. “Hey, wait up, where are you going?” Will said as he walked after me. I looked back at him. “People need saving out there and I’m going to go save them.” I said as I walked and he followed me.

He walked behind me quietly for a few minutes; I looked back as I walked, wondering what he was doing following me. I was going to ask what he was doing behind me then he spoke. “I’m coming with you, of course, after all, you can’t save the world alone Daniel, or should I say Ten Thousand.” I smiled and glanced back at him and with a smirk, I replied to him. “Will and Ten Thousand the Cursed Heroes saving the universe, Hmm, I do like the sound of that.”

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