Ten Thousand Walks Part 102

Ten Thousand Walks

I looked over at him and wondered if he could read minds. What’s he doing over there and how is this going to stop anything. “Ah, but you see only with your eyes, you see I cannot only I see into your mind and the minds of others but I can see into machines as well. However, there is a bit of a difference with machines I can control what they do. In this case, I can cause them to destroy themselves, preventing any of the systems in this city from working again. By doing this they will have to rebuild everything in the entire city from the ground up.” His voice continued in my head, then something else I didn’t expect came into my mind. A strange sight and feeling at the same time, of the people in the city. I could see and feel how they did things and I could see that with all the technology in the city destroyed, they would never be able to rebuild and would have to become a normal village. This meant the end of their technological control of others. I smiled this meant that I would have justice and at the same time, I would not be harming them, but protecting them from themselves.

Will walked up to me and smiled. “I have a question for you and your answer to it is very important.” He said to me with a smile I just nodded and waited for him to ask. “Well, I have seen what you have done here; your power is amazing beyond anything I have ever seen. So are you going to be a destroyer and destroy all that gets in your way, is that the reason for your power?” He asked me, which left me a bit shocked because I wouldn’t think someone would ask a question like that after what I had just done. “Well, I know what I did, but I was born to protect others, I have gained all these skills to do just that, but now I no longer have a reason to do this.” I said to him with pain in my voice.

“Daniel is strong and powerful and your name will go down in history as the most destructive person who ever lived, but is that what you want.” He said to me. I looked at him and wondered, did I want to be known for destruction or did I want to be a savior. “No, I want to be a person that saves others.” I said to him. He smiled at me and then closed his eyes. “You can no longer go by the name Daniel, that is human I think it is best that you go by something else. Something powerful, something that brings hope and something that will ring through the ages. Well, you can pick a name in a while, for now I have something for you to help you decide. Close your eyes and open your mind.” He said to me, confusing me a bit. His words were somewhat random there was no real logic behind them, which was a bit hard for me to understand.

As I was thinking about what he said, I felt a strange feeling of love. Overwhelming my mind and pushing out all of the anger and pain. I opened my eyes and looked at him, he just smiled. I didn’t understand what this feeling was then I felt something very familiar. “Aw, come on, don’t you get it by now I’m giving you the greatest gift, the last thoughts and feelings of the one you loved so much.” He said closing his eyes as his face got more serious, what I felt at that point was beyond words.

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