Ten Thousand Walks Part 101

Ten Thousand Walks

With my anger raging over in my mind, I moved. I appeared under the city and then vanished; I flew up the main engines vent slashing my blades threw everything as I went up. Then, as I fell I aimed my blades straight down and cut right through the turbine. I hit the ground and the turbine exploded above me, and the city started to come down. The open valley that I just in was close by, close enough for the city to just reach as it hit the ground.

I was to protect this great city from what might destroy it even if what I protected it from was itself. I vanished and appeared at one of the four outer engines, in a flash I sent my blades threw it hundreds of times and it fell to pieces. I soon reaped this on all four main engines, then I sat looking at the final one as the pieces burnt. “I hope they learn their lesson by the time they get it all fixed.” I thought to myself looking into the flames

“See that wasn’t too hard and no one got hurt.” Wills voice came from behind me, I didn’t even see or hear him walk up to me, but there he was with a smile on his face. “Yeah, I might have made their lives a little bit harder over the next few months while they replace the broken engines, but in the long run I really haven’t done anything, they will just rebuild and remake the drug, then it will all start over again.” I said to him as I gazed off into the air wondering if I made the right choice.

“Don’t worry yourself so much, how about we be friends after all we will be alive for a very long time might as well have someone to talk to once in a while right. And I think you could use a hand in making up for the amount of lives you took here today. And maybe you could use the help finding a way to keep these things from happening again.” He said to me as he walked around the burning engines, picking at parts of it. I looked over at him; he must not be all there. However, if he could find a way to fix it so, the people in this city couldn’t hurt anyone again, without hurting anyone in the city; I would consider being his friend. I thought to myself watching him fiddle with the parts he was poking at.

“Well, say no more I know just what to do.” He said as if he was right there in my head, listening to my thoughts. Then, as I was about to speak, he walked away from me. “What is wrong with this guy?” I said to myself as he walked up to the edge of the city and placed his hand on the broken engine, closing his eyes and just standing still as if waiting for something. “Hey come now there is nothing wrong with me and I’m doing what you wanted, a way of stopping them without killing them.” A voice in my head spoke to me sounding just like Will but it couldn’t be he was too far away for me to hear.

“Man humans are not as smart as I thought, you know for someone that’s almost 200 years old you sure are dumb. You can hear me, because I am here in your mind you fool. For a person that can’t die no matter what it should be easy for you to believe that a person like me is real.” The voice said again in my head.

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