Ten Thousand Walks Part 100

Ten Thousand Walks

I dropped him and stepped back slowly, I looked at what I had just done. From the army that was laying all around me down to the person laying on the ground with my blades sticking out of his chest. I fell to my knees, and screamed out. “Oh can you stop being so loud, I’m already in pain I don’t need my head hurting too you know.” A voice came from in front of me. I looked up and he was standing in front of me, with both my blades still sticking out of him.

He grabbed both of them and quickly pulled them from his body. As they left his body, the blood on them was pulled back into the wound just before it closed. Then his clothes repaired itself as he leaned forward to me. “Please relax I’m not one of these guys, I didn’t have anything to do with the death of your beloved. I truly feel for you so please don’t do that again, it hurts you know.” He said then handed my blades back to me.

I took them and then vanished appearing behind him with my blades to his neck. “Who are you, what are you and how do you know my name?” I asked, pulling my blade just to touch his neck. My questions were met by laughter as he stepped forward. My blade went through him like it would in the air, he then turned to me with a smile and not a mark on his neck. “Your funny Danny boy, I know everything about you, your minds like an open book to me. My name is Will or William, which ever you want to call me they are both my names. And those silly little things, though they are very sharp they can’t kill me.” He said, and then walked around me. “It also looks as if you are like me in a way, seems as though you will never know death yourself too.” He continued to say.

I looked at him, shocked but still very angry, and filled with so much pain because of what had just happened. “That’s great for you now remove yourself from my path I have something to do.” I said to him as I pushed him out of the way. “You know destroying the city won’t fix what happened. It was only the work of a few that did this to you. Why not just punish them in a way that would be worse than death. After all, we are both men of unusual power and we know there are things worse than death.” He said with an evil tone, as if he enjoyed the suffering of others.

For a moment, I was beginning to create a plan to destroy them. Then a voice in my head spoke as though it was the voice of someone else. “Is this what you spent all those years searching for?” I looked around at Will, he was just smiling as if he knew what the voice in my head was saying. Then he spoke shocking a little sense into me. “Well, tell me is this what you searched all these years for. Is this what you wanted to become a destroyer or a saver, cause from where I stand you are a destroyer that makes even me the man who caused the destruction of his own race look like a man of peace.” His words calmed and shocked me at the same time. What was going on?

“You humans are all the same no matter what planet you’re from.” He said as he walked away from me. I watched him then I turned to the city, I just couldn’t let them go to keep doing what they were but I couldn’t Kill them all it wouldn’t be right, and I would become a monster if I did that.

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