Ten Thousand Walks Part 10

Ten Thousand Walks

Act II

Chapter 3 The Awakening

Daniel’s bloody body was pulled from the Lake by a few of the natives that lived on the lakes edge. He was alive, but barely breathing, and the blood could be seen pouring from all over his body. The natives quickly and carefully wrapped his body in bandages to slow the bleeding. Then very carefully picked him up, and carried him to what looked like hut of some kind.

The inside of it was dimly lit with a blue glow that was radiating from lines running up the sides of the walls. The light was then reflected down and outward off what looked like a mirror in the ceiling, which was also splitting the light into soft rays of green and purple.

The natives surrounded him on all sides, they were very short people just about 4 feet tall, but this wasn’t what stood out most about them. What stood out most were their eyes. There was a subtle but bright glow in their eyes. Looking at them at first you wouldn’t be able to tell, but it was there, bright green glow yet it was so subtle it was almost unseen. The glow came from the white in their eyes, making it seem as though Daniel’s body was surrounded by glowing green rings floated in midair.

They sat around Daniel in a circle; then they started placing medicines of all kinds on his body as they slowly places his bones back in place. Once they finish placing his bones in place and putting Splints on them, they began to rub his body with a herb of some kind. Moments after the wounds on his body began to smoke, and then they slowly pulled themselves back together and started to close.

The properties of the strange medicine they were using were simply amazing, not only did it speed his healing rate up by almost 100 times, it also made his body heal as though it had never been hurt in the first place. Then suddenly his body began to tense up, his eyes opened, and he slowly began to regain consciousness. The medicine was burning his body making him feel as though he was on fire, forcing him to awaken as his wounds finish closing.

Daniel began to scream out in pain, even though he was no longer bleeding his body felt as though it was been burnt from the inside. He continued to scream for a few minutes. As the smoke coming from the medicine slowly began to dissipate, his screams lessened. The scars that had formed a few minutes earlier soon disappeared. The smoke stopped completely and with it so did the pain, soon Daniel screams stopped to as he lost consciousness once again.

Daniel remained unconscious at this point, and more than two weeks past as he slept. Constantly being watched over by one of the villages, who were taking turns making sure his bandages were changed and new medicine was placed on his body. After the first week of him sleeping, the villages began to move him every morning; they took him to the edge of the village where the bank of the lake was.

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