Ten Thousand Walks Part 1


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Ten Thousand Walks

Ten Thousand Walks

Act 1

Chapter 1-The Realization

Many eons ago when time was still new, a curse of life was placed on a man. A man who was so full of pride and greed that he thought himself to be above God himself; he thought that everything that has ever went wrong in his life was God trying to keep him down. He saw himself as the one that should rule the entire universe and he tried to by going to war with the world to make it bow before him. In his thrust for power, he destroyed most of the world and turned what was left into a dying wasteland.

Even after destroying most of the world and dooming the rest of it, he still thought himself to be right. So on his deathbed he cursed God and all he had created with his last breath, but instead of dying God dealt him a curse worse than death. Forever trapping him in his dying body but never to die, instead he had to rebuild the world, which he destroyed, then forever fix the mistakes of man while staying unseen. However, as interesting as his story is, this isn’t it that one is for another time.

This story is of that poor soul’s first-born son, Daniel. He grew up like any other normal boy nothing out of the ordinary, going to school and having friends, getting in trouble like normal boys. He grew into a man of great character because of his father’s teachings. Intelligent and kind, always helping those around him, with his very reckless side and a thirst for adventure, always exploring and seeking out new things to do and learn.

However, as he grew older time began to show him that he was not like everyone else. This was made especially obvious on his fiftieth birthday. When a party was thrown for him by his old classmates that he hadn’t seen in years. As he walked into the room there was complete silence; as a man who looked as though he was turning twenty walked into a room filled with people that looked as if they were his parents and grandparents. Everyone was shocked by what they were seeing, Daniel had not changed much since the last time they saw him; and for some that was when they were in school more than 35 years ago. As he looked around the room of what seem to be old forks he thought something was off. Then he realized it wasn’t they but it was him. He realized that he was the one that was odd as his best friend from school walked up to him. “Wow we all knew you were different but man we didn’t think you were that different. Come on tell us your secret how do you stay looking so young?” His friend said to him laughing and pushing him more into the room with everyone else.

The party lasted a few hours, though to Daniel it didn’t seem that long, seeing that he was lost in thought the whole time. He had been so busy with his life exploring and learning that he never noticed the people around him aging and himself not aging the same. He didn’t even realize how long it had been since he started his little quest for knowledge.

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