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Jack Part 12

“Your turn to get us out of here 5556.” Said King Fluffy as he did his best to stand to his tiny feet. 5556 didn’t speak he just smiled looked up at the path of floating platforms and took his first step, then another as he pulled 1234, and 800 to his shoulders. He moved […]


Jack Part 11

He said and jumped from the open door, his little body was caught by the high gravity, and he was gone straight down faster than I could keep up with. The 3D motioning system reappeared in front of me and I saw a little dot falling I figured it could only be him but what […]


Jack Part 10

“Ok well they need a way out of the trap that’s about to go off and then we need a ship to get us out of here right.” He said as he spun the 3D model, I just looked on at him and nodded my head in disbelief. Just as he said, the trap on […]

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