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DNA Hackers Part 31

He stood as his eyes glowed brighter, then the roar of an army of creatures echoed from behind him as hundreds of thousands of the creatures rose from under the surface of the planet. Will dropped to his hands digging his claws into the ground, then raising his head he let out another roar. As […]


DNA Hackers Part 30

The force from the exploding ship sent him flying to the ground like a rocket. He smashed into the ground with a shock wave that sent tanks flying, and then lunged forward into the enemy smashing and slashing everything to pieces, leaving burning rubble behind as he rampaged through the army. Will let out a […]


DNA Hackers Part 29

As Will laid waste to the army on the ground, Mark worked as fast as possible to get his mind back. “Got it, I really hope this works, it’s time for you to come back Will.” Mark spoke in Wills mind as he changed the DNA to get Wills mind back. Suddenly his rampage stopped. […]

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