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star core inside2


Technology type: Power Source

Energy type: Renewable

Energy source: Stars

Limitation: Can only be used by a Cursed Human

Benefits: limitless, renewable, small.

Inventor: Will 24

Deception: A hollow sphere the size of a marble one half-inch in diameter with an energy conductor and channeler in the center. The channeler is made up of and energy conducting core and four outer rings to regulate its power output. The parts contained in the sphere are known as the regulator, or the power limiter allowing the core to have different energy outputs based on the positions of the rings.

Star-cores are made in sets of four, these four star-cores are split into eight cores each one splitting into two perfectly identical cores down to the atom. A process that turns the cores into one object in two separate places. The result of this causes the core to become indestructible unless recombined, also because what happens to one happens the other at the same instant in time no matter the distance between them. When one core is placed in the heart of a star, the energy that is conducted through it also conducts through the other, allowing that energy to be taped into as it flows from the other core outside of the star. The last process of building a Star-Core before it is launched into a star is to swap the control rings to link them together. The three blue outer rings of each core are switched with the others that were made alongside it to allow the energy from the star to not just flow between the two parts of the original but all four cores. After the creation of the third set of cores, a link was formed linking every core to one another. They formed a network known as the star-core network, linking all the cores together.

The star core network consists of over fifty thousand cores forty thousand of which are spread throughout the galaxy within the cores of some of the largest, brightest, and hottest stars. The remaining ten thousand are within the chest of the Brothers Will, giving them access to the most powerful, and limitless power source to exit. The network is also increased in size every few years as a way to expand the strength and reach of the Brothers Will.

Limits: The cores can only be accessed by using Nannies as a failsafe to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Though it is true that nannies are needed, unlike what most believe, the cores can be removed from the body of a cursed human without hurting them and it is done very often, in order to provide temporary power to a planet when no other option is available.

star core inside2star core outside2

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