Race: Sorn

Type: Humanoid, Energy

Lifespan: 30-400 years (depending on number of bodies)

Limb: Varies depending on body but for the most part they have human like limbs .

Race catalog Information: A very unusual race, best known for what’s called body jumping. A body-jumping race is any race that can live with in another, either as energy or as a parasite. Though the Sorn can live without a host for some part of their life once they take their first host they can no longer live without one.

The Sorn are born as an odd-looking humanoid having random limbs sometimes even two heads, not a problem for their race seeing that the form they are born with will become energy, and then they  will lose it. Their bodies work in a very strange manner from the time they are born their bodies begin a process that converts their internal organs to energy. This process is slow and takes as much as 15 years but once their internal body is completely energy they are ready to join with another being.

The Sorn join with animals and many other creatures from their home world, taking over the body they occupy. Though the mind of the creature that has been taken over and the mind of the Sorn merge into one, the Sorn mind is more dominate, and the less intelligent the creature the more the Sorn over powers it .

Once they joined the universe as a productive intergalactic citizen, their race soon become known for their rehabilitation skills. Seeing that the Sorn are the only, truly none violate race in the universe so much so that any creature they merge with become the same no matter how violate they are to begin with. This trait has caused the Sorn to have more willing host than they ever thought possible. This is due to the law that was created saying that any one that merges with a Sorn that is in prison for a violate crime will be released.

Though most body jumping races effect the being they inhabit physically in some way the Sorn do not, meaning they must suffer the same things the being would without them. This cause the Sorn to be very meticulous with the host they chose, because once the merge with any being they cannot leave its body until minutes before its death. At that point, they have one day to find a new host before the energy they are made of dissipates completely.

The Sorn uses the host body to reproduce, with another host of a Sorn, but because of the Sorn’s Life span, this is not something that is rushed or even thought of very often. But the process is sample the two hosts must mate as normal but once the host is impregnated the energy from both Sorn’s interact and transform the unborn child to a Sorn child. This is not a process the Sorn have control of but to prevent the host from not being able to have children of their own. The Sorn can only do this once every 100 years, Making having a Sorn child a very planed event in their lives.

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