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Time Hackers Part 8

The three voices returned echoing louder than ever. “WE SEE YOUR END!” The commander’s head turned quickly to the crater, it was empty. In a panic, he began to look everywhere for the bodies, a look of fear began to come across his face. Then the voices returned. “You challenge us, you thought you won, […]


Time Hackers Part 7

The bounty hunter commander fired the two weapons together; the bright beams mixed become a bright red beam headed straight for the brothers. The shot flew straight through the missiles frozen in time, pulling them straight behind it as it passed by them. The brothers turn their attention to the shot putting all their power […]


Time Hackers Part 6

As the attack ships opened fire the CXTR finally finished charging to fire, and the main ship flew down closer to get a clear shot. They took aim right at the three who were distracted by the attacking army. The bounty hunters hoped the brothers wouldn’t notice the main ship as it locked onto them. […]

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