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Planet Hackers Part 6

Just as he had planned, to keep the core from exploding the fail safe would use the buildup of energy dumping it into the shields, maintenance systems, and everything on the ship that used energy. Then it would bump the rest into a high-energy laser weapon the ship had and continue to fire it until […]


Planet Hackers Part 5

But without the Nanobots to fix the planet it would be a difficult, maybe impossible thing to do, after all a planet is very hard to build and even harder to make inhabitable. He looked for anything anywhere that could help him fix just one of the planets, but all he could find were broken […]


Planet Hackers Part 4

He searched the whole planet for signs of life, but he founded nothing, it couldn’t be. There was nothing on the planet but trees. So he returned to the lab with the intension of looking for something that could help him use the Nanobots. Hours of searching the computer databases and he found nothing that […]

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