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DNA Hackers Part 22

John looked at Will and answered his question. “Well, I can show myself to the crew now and I will explain my reasons to them all at once, please call everyone together for me.” With that, Will pushed the intercom and asked if everyone could meet them in the meeting room in five minutes he […]


DNA Hackers Part 21

The captain’s voice came across the intercom. “Dropping out for cool down in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” He hit one and the ship pulled as it dropped out of the Jump. The captain continued to explain what Will and Alin would be doing as he did the ship jerked. The ship was caught in […]

DNA Hackers Part 20

As Will walked over to him and began to sit Alin spoke again. “We need to finish hooking the power distributor in and then turn it on, so while I hold the core still you need to hock both the main and secondary connections in at the same time for the main distributor valve, then […]

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