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DNA Hackers Part 25

“Who are you talking to?” Said Alin walking towards Will. “Oh hey, I was just going over a few things in my head; anyway, I came here to see if we can push the engines a bit more. It seems as though time is running very short and I would like to get there as […]


DNA Hackers Part 24

John looked at Will and spoke, we don’t know who it was, but they were stronger than anything we have ever come across. But it was mainly just one that showed real power. He entered and everything just stopped, the creatures attacked him, but they weren’t even able to get close and with a wave […]


DNA Hackers Part 23

Will and John headed to Will’s quarters to get their battle plan ready. “John I need to know what’s the most powerful creature I can be to fight off this army? Better yet, does your race know of any being that would be able to fight off an army?” John looked at Will as he […]

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