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DNA Hackers Part 28

The Jump-drives pull the ship and the asteroids that followed it into the jump, then two seconds in the Gravity-core was shut off. Dropping the asteroids out of the jump, just as they were about to impact the back of the ship then one second later, the Jump-drives shuts down. The ship dropped out of […]


DNA Hackers Part 27

“What is all this for captain?” Asked Will. “Well, we are going to be dropping you out of the ship once we are close enough to the surface, and then we will be jumping out of the Nebula. We will then jump back in for the actual fight by the time you’re on the ground. […]


DNA Hackers Part 26

The engines roared loudly as the time passed by, two minutes in the gravity in the ship Failed and everything went weightless. The Gravity-core was too strong it was canceling out the gravity in and around the ship, and the ships artificial gravity generators wasn’t strong enough to keep up. Then three minutes in the […]

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