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DNA Hackers Part 4

As they searched, they came across myths written in ancient languages on many of the worlds they searched. This myth was of a race of beings thought to be cursed, with the worst curse in the universe, but they were powerful and kind. They were ancient and never mixed with any other race because of […]


DNA Hackers Part 3

It is now the year 2570 new galactic time, five hundred years have passed since the Morfeans began their research; they have been all but forgotten, dismissed as a legend in children’s stories. With their newfound knowledge, they decided it was time to rejoin the universe they had left so long ago. Looking to regain […]


DNA Hackers Part 2

Research was needed and a lot of it, they needed to find a place they could do their research, a place far away where they would not be disturbed. They search the know worlds and found nothing, but in a seemly dead part of space void of anything but plasma clouds they found the perfect […]

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